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Insurance & Wellness in the Rockies offers a network of professionals trained to provide sound advice as you plan a secure and healthy future for yourself and your family.

LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE (LTC) (click title to learn more)
Is your secure retirement at risk? Insurance & Wellness in the Rockies' objective is to help you preserve your quality of life, freedom of choice and financial security with appropriate long term care insurance protection, a key component to effective pre-retirement planning. If you need extended care services and do not have a plan in place - How will that acffect the quality of life for your family?

  1. ** LTC Insurance Quote Request Form **

  2. Self-Instruction on Long Term Care Insurance

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ANNUITIES (click title to learn more)

Annuities can be an important pre-retirement or retirement savings tool that provides a safe alternative to creating a secure and contractually guaranteed retirement income. There are several different types of annuities to choose from with varying riders and options. It pays to learn more about these valuable tools as you plan for a secure future.

VOLUNTARY SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE (click title to go to link)
Supplemental products are offered through Colonial Insurance. these voluntary insurance options are provided as part of a comprehensive employee benefit package. Certain products may also be purchased on an individual basis. Click here to learn more.

LEGAL SHIELD (formerly Pre-Paid Legal Services) (click title to go to link)
Legal Shield helps you to be informed of your legal options and can provide a will for you and your covered family members.  Identity Theft is an additional program available to help protect your privacy and your financial security.

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